Rube Goldberg Awesomeness with FIRE!

I'm a huge fan of Rube Goldberg machines (the patience it takes to pull it off!) and this one is no exception. What sets this one apart? Fire. Yes, stick with it to the end and you'll see some Rube Goldberg style pyrotechnics. Something else to watch for? The pallets that collapse, domino style. Bravo, HEYHEYHEY.

Imagination is Critical to Successful Future

I posted about this over on the Team Challenges Facebook page (there's lots of interaction happening over there - join us!) but realized that it would be interesting for the readers of this blog, too.

What will the future look like? It's likely that given a peek into life twenty years from now, we wouldn't recognize much of the technological changes. So how do we prepare young people for the future? According to this article in Good, we need to encourage imagination.
How can schools set the next generation up for success when we don't have a clear picture of what the jobs of the future will be? The growing consensus is that we need to shift schools toward to fostering creativity and conceptual thinking abilities...
Rote memorization and solving problems with a single correct answer is not the solution. Our students need the opportunity to develop their creative problem solving skills, to test out different solutions and analyze the results. If it didn't work, why? If it did work, how come? What could have been done to improve the results.

How are you working to encourage imagination and creativity in the young people you work with?

Creative Problem Solving Season Begins!

I'm seeing an uptick in traffic here lately, and that can only mean one thing: Destination Imagination and Odyssey of the Mind teams are gearing up for their season. Whether you call them instant challenges or spontaneous problems, let me take a minute and point you to a few things that might be helpful.

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Creative Music Video from OK Go

While I'm not a huge fan of their music, OK Go always impresses me with their creative videos. Their latest, White Knuckles, features more of that OK Go creativity - and dogs.

Binder Clips as Refrigerator Organizer

Tired of bottles rolling around in your fridge? Flickr user muteboy shares this clever solution: a binder clip. Smart!

Via LifeHacker

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**Build a Tower that Won't Topple**

One of the beauties of Team Challenges is that they are portable. Going camping for the summer? You can easily pack some basic challenge materials and add team building to your campfire activities (putting up the tent also qualifies!).

But what if you don't have the room or the desire to pack a roll of masking tape and toothpicks? Never fear! I've got you covered. First, you will need to send the team on a scavenger hunt to find the following items*, but don't tell them what the challenge will be.

22 sticks, about as round as a pinkie finger and a foot long
10 rocks as big as a fist
10 large leaves
5 pine cones
a handful of moss
25 small stones


Build a Tower that Won't Topple

Using the materials you gathered, build a structure that will hold as many of the small stones as possible at least 15" above the ground. You may not use any of the small stones as part of your tower. You have 1 minute to make a plan without touching the materials and 5 minutes to build the structure. Once your structure is complete - or at the end of the five-minute building time - choose a team member to place the small stones onto the structure one at a time.

You will receive up to ten points each for creativity, communication, and cooperation. Plus, for every 5 stones that stay on the structure without toppling it, you'll get 5 points.

*I am making a grand assumption that you will be camping in an area where all of these items will be available. If not, here's YOUR chance to get creative. What's on hand that you could substitute?

Did you try it? Snap a photo and I'll share it here!

A Marshmallow Challenge

My friend Debra at From Skilled Hands shared this on Facebook. I'm passing it along to you. Watch for what I consider to be the most important part: the Kindergarten class. So very true!

You can read more about the Marshmallow Challenge - and try it yourself - over at the page cleverly titled The Marshmallow Challenge.