**Elevate an Apple**

Set Up

Gather the materials listed below and place them on a table. Read the list of construction materials and the team instructions out loud to the team.

Construction Materials

5 drinking straws
10 toothpicks
1 large marshmallow
3 recycled plastic lids
About 2 cups of Cheerios in a bowl*

*may not be altered or used as part of the solution

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Team Instructions

Your task is to elevate an apple a minimum of two inches above the surface of the table. You may combine the materials provided in any manner to solve this problem. You have seven minutes in which to work. When building time expires, the apple must be in its elevated position and team may not be in contact with any part of the solution. You will be notified when only one minute of building time remains. You will receive up to ten points each for creativity, cooperation and communication. Teams that successfully elevate the apple will also receive twenty bonus points.

Teams, share a photo of your creative solution by sending a digital photo to: teamchallenges@krisbordessa.com. I'll post it here for all to see.

Have fun!

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